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 The Commission Less Temp Counselor, glorified temps
Posted: November 15, 2003 08:03 am


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The Staffing Business in New York City is a lot like Investment Banking in New York City in that 99.9% of being a success in both is about kissing the right ass.

Whatever thought process goes into a multi-national company deciding to just hand over millions of dollars to one investment bank over another investment bank (when one investment bank is pretty much like any other investment bank) is probably the same thought process that goes into some company deciding to just hand over a million dollar temp contract to one temp agency over another temp agency (when both temp agencies are more or less the same, and in some cases both agencies are owned by the same person).

However, it is because the nature of the temping business in New York City is as it is that makes temping a near perfect way to make a living. The fact that a temp counselor/staffing firm legally needs bodies (any kind of bodies) to go into companies and to then return with signed timesheets (in order to make their little INTERPRISES legal) is exactly what makes it possible for a lot of us to make a good living in New York City temping.

In old days when I first began temping in New York, every temp counselor that I knew of got a percentage of the contracts that he/she was working on, this was the main reason why those of us temping could rely on temp counselors who hated us giving us work. But lately, there seems to be a rise in a certain kind of asshole temp counselor that does not seem to be eligible for commissions and who appear to be, more or less, glorified temps.

In other words, there seems to be a rise is a certain kind of asshole, which we will call the Commission less Temp Counselor.

The commission less temp counselor is rather easy to spot because everything with them is personal. Since these idiot fuckers are not in the income generation loop, all they have to concentrate on are looks and other superficial bullshit like what KIND OF TEMP they think DESERVES to make money.

From what I can tell, temp agencies have a need for a certain kind of idiot that will do a lot of work for very little money if they have a fancy title. These commission less temp counselors all seem to be dumb bitches who don't know shit about the staffing business (or anything else) and who were temps themselves not too long ago. It seems these former temps jumped at the chance to have a fancy title (like temp counselor) even though getting the title did not result in any substantial increase in income.

In the present economic environment, we feel it imperative to have a gang intervention session for all of the commission-less temp counselors in NYC, i.e. to sit this group of people down and explain to them that they are disposable assholes who are in no position to be giving anyone attitude. We are of this view because we believe that some of these people could very well get seriously HURT if they continue on the paths they are on.

Ross Russell
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Commissionless Temp Counselor
Posted: November 15, 2003 08:08 am


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Hi, I'm a temp counselor with Wall Street Services. I understand that there is a networking party here tonight for upwardly mobile females in the staffing industry.

Commissionless Temp Counselor
(former temp)
No Money But
Lotsa Tude
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