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 Beware Taylor Hodson, playing games with checks
Posted: November 24, 2003 09:56 pm


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As if it is not enough to work all week for shit rates, having an agency play games with your check is just too much.

The trump card with agencies saying that they won't pay you is that you then have a legal right to sue their client (you can head down to small claims court, pay your $15.00, sue the client, fax the client and the temp agency a copy of the lawsuit and your check will most likely be hand delivered to you - either that or the client will dump the temp agency).

Of course no temp agency in their right mind will do anything that will lead you to sue their client, so the we won't pay you con is just a game of chicken, it is a game in which the temp counselor/agency thinks that it is much smarter than you are.

I worked for an old temp agency called Chanel Staffing years ago that was famous for missing payroll. I took work with this agency even though I heard the rumors because I needed the work. I worked for Chanel a number of years before they eventually tried their "we won't pay you game on me" (and of course I sued their Client, what is even worst, I sued their Client AFTER I got payment from the Department of Labor). I also reported Chanel to the IRS and they, for some strange reason, went out of business.

Taylor Hodson is obviously giving someone work, but you should be warned that they are very quick to call you up and say something like "Oh, we don't have your tax records (or some such shit) so we can't release your check until you come in and do such and such. This is all a little game they are trying to play because they are under the delusion that they are smart. Personally, I would not go in and try to pick up a check if they called me and said this, I would just sue their client (if they didn't mail my check).

You can take your chances with Taylor Hodson if you need work, but be warned.

Ross Russell
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