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 Opera Singers, So Far Gone
Posted: November 09, 2003 06:30 pm


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The ultimate advantage of being dumb and White and of being able to rely on your parents to support you is that you can deliberately pick the most obscure profession possible.

When you are stupid and White and can rely on support from you parents, by deliberately deciding on some obscure profession that everyone knows that you will never ever be able to make a living at, you are saying, in effect:

"Hey, I know I'm stupid, I know I can't support myself, but I'm White and my parents have money".

As we have said elsewhere here, most dumb Whites who know they can't support themselves just go around claiming to be actors.

But, there are other species of Dumbass that are even more "far gone" than the retards claiming to be actors, take for example the wannabe Opera Singers.

Now, when someone comes up to you and announcing that they want to be an Opera Singer, how exactly do you respond? While most of us have conditioned ourselves to just quietly smirk and look away when the trolls (who think they are good looking) claim that they wannbe actors, most of us are not prepared from someone so far gone that they have deliberately decided on a profession so obscure that everyone knows that the person can't possibly make a living at it.

Of course, the classic PHD in English is typical of a profession that one can't possibly make a living at. But, in theory anyway, the assholes wasting their parents' money to get PHDs in English could get an admin assistant temp job (in theory).

I actually once ran into a guy temping who was working on his Masters in Russian Literature (that was seven years ago, and I still don't know how to respond).

Ross Russell
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