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 Start-Ups Receiving Funding in 2002
Posted: February 17, 2003 11:11 pm


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Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp
Broadview Networks Holdings Inc
GFI Group Inc
Lava Trading Inc
DealterTrack.com Inc
Aton Pharma Inc
Sagitta Ltd
IntelliSpace Inc.
Xanboo Inc.
Passlogix Inc.
FAME Information Services Inc.
Kiodex Inc.
LN Holdings Inc.
CapitalThinking Inc
White Amber Inc
CCC Network Systems Gorup Inc
Perseus Books
HarborsidePlus Inc
Vindigo Inc
Bamboo MediaCasting Inc
Optum Inc
Bigfood Interactive
Metis Technologies Inc.
Senior Bridge Family Cos
Mimeo Inc.
TouchPak Inc
RxCentric Inc
AllCharge Inc
eNow Inc
ClubMom Inc
The NewsMarket Inc
Moneyline Telerate
Wasabi Systems Inc
Digital Club Network Inc
UGO Networks Inc.
Index Stock Immagery Inc.
Comprehensive NeuroScience Inc.
Medidata Solutions Inc.
Lifestar Response Corp
Kona Corp
Quixi Inc

Ross Russell
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