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 Breaking Into Temping, starting temping in general
Posted: February 23, 2003 10:37 am


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If you are in need of work and you are turning to temping in New York, you have to just start registering with temp agencies until you find some that give you work.

There is no real way to know which agencies will give you work and which ones won't. I once registered with this agency at about 1:00 pm and I was convinced that I would never hear from them. The agency called me at 4:00 pm that day asking me if I could work THAT night.

If the agency forces you to go through very elaborate registration rituals, they either don't have any work or they don't like you, for one reason or another. Sometimes it is advisable to keep calling into an agency asking if there is work available, but in general, if they are not calling YOU, you need to keep registering with more agencies until you find ones that do call you. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is a required basic skill, but if an agency really needs people they will train you in whatever it takes to send you out on jobs.

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Posted: May 20, 2004 05:42 am

Christopher Paige

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