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I can remember it clearly. I was gathering all of my employment forms from every where I had worked so that I could do my tax return. Then, I just happened to notice that I had several employment statements, not just several but eleven employment tax statements. I had worked for eleven employers that year in addition to having two businesses of my own.

It was then that I like went through this transformation; sorta like that guy in American Werewolf in London. Only, instead of growing hair and turning to a wolf, I grew arrogant and vicious and turned into a Ho (a Ho is defined at TEMPCITY.NET as someone with multiple sources of income).

It occurred to me that with eleven employers, I didn't have to be nice to anyone of them. I could actually tell five employers to go to hell (or, my preference "KISS MY BLACK *SS) and still have six other employers to do with as I wished. I could tell that psychotic bitch at Employer 6 that, in fact, she was a psychotic bitch. I could walk into Employer 10 and, if anyone looked at me the wrong way, I could say "Later Aholes". I was like liberated.

Like Martin Luther King, I too had a dream. Only instead of seeing all of mankind together in love and harmony, I saw the world of transnational corporations as rich bitches that God put on the earth so that I could screw them for fun and profit.

Now when someone threatens to call my employer or to get me fired, I just laugh and give them Employer 7's telephone number. Now, I have no fear of photos of me naked in Central Park ending up on the internet. What do I care, I have eleven employers, I'm like invincible.

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